Security Vacancy

Guard naukri is offering thousands of security vacancy in security industry. The demand for security personnel is soaring in the time of increasing security threats. The public security is crucial issue and we require highly trained security professionals in order to address these security concerns.

Many companies are ready to hire and even train job seekers with handsome salary amount and at their preferred location.  The only hurdle is the limited reach. The companies are not able to find the eligible candidates because there is no way to reach the security personnel directly. 

We offer you a platform where you can get access to thousands of such companies.


We offer you a platform where you can get access to thousands of such job seekers.

Guard Naukri provides a common platform to both job providers and job seekers. With the help of this common platform the recruiter can easily find suitable job profile matching to their requirements,

And in the same way the job seekers  will be able to find the job of their preference.

Guard naukri has successfully provided employment to thousands of job seekers. One can easily register and grab thousands of such job opportunities. The registration process is very simple.

Register yourself at by filling the form provided in the home page.

Guard naukri is transforming the security industry and it is going to transform millions of lives.

Security Jobs

Are you looking for security job? Your search ends here.

In past it was really hard to find a suitable job. It’s not just that there were very few jobs but also accessing these jobs was not easy. Especially in security industry considering the indefinite job profile people tend to search for jobs based on some preferences such as location, salary, duty hours etc.

Now the things have changed a lot as there are many websites offering job opportunities online. Guard naukri is a similar kind of website that offers job opportunities especially to security professionals.

Here at guard naukri you can register yourself and find a job of your preference. Our website provides an online employment solution to all the job seekers.

To get the benefits of our services all you have to do is to register yourself, without any charges, on our website.  The employment registration form is divided into three parts. In the first step you will have to provide your basic details such as your name, contact details, location and qualification etc. Once you finish the form and click on Apply button you will get to the second form where you will require attaching the scan copies of certain documents. Once you have attached the document you would have to click on the next button. It will lead you to the third and final form where you need to provide some final details such as your current company, current salary, preferred location etc.

Once you are registered with us you will get the most suitable job opportunities in security industry based on the preferences given by you.


Job Security Guard

These days security has become one of our major concerns. Having a security is not enough as one also have to insure that the security guard is compatible enough to handle the security challenges that he may face in his job. In order to face such challenges and to ensure the compatibility it is very important that the job security guard works on is satisfactory.

The compatibility depends on various factors such as location, duty hours, salary etc. An employer must take in consideration these factors before hiring security guards for a job. When guards find suitable environment in his/her job then they are able to perform their duty well.

Here at guard naukri we find all the requirements of a guard and then offer them employment as per their profile. A guard profile consists of all the necessary information that can help the employer in finding a guard compatible to the job.

Having registered at you can get amply opportunities at your door. Once you fill up the form and register on our website, our coordinator will get in touch with you. You will be provided all the assistance to complete your profile on our website. You will be required to fill a form and upload the scan copy of some required documents.

Once your profile is completed, it will be available for employers. The employers will be able to find your profile using advance search. Advance search is a tool that helps in making searches with search terms such as location, Experience, Education etc. Advance search will help the employers in finding a suitable candidate and the candidate in finding a suitable job.

Security Guard Job Opening

Here is a great opportunities for all those seeking employment in security industry. Guard Naukri is transforming the Recruitment for security Industry as whole. Guard Naukri is providing an online platform where candidates can apply for current Security guard job opening at once and without much effort. Guard Naukri is transforming the way security personnel are hired by providing a transparent and easily accessible medium for both the employment seeker and the recruiter.

Previously the hiring of security personnel was not easy. The companies were unable to find suitable security personnel. The reasons were many such as location, training, experience, salary, background. Also for the security guards it was hard to find a suitable job as per their preferences such as location, duty hours, salary etc.

Now with guard Naukri one can easily apply for thousands of jobs. Those who register with us get the employment opportunities as per their preferences mentioned in the candidate profile. The Candidate profile is prepared with the information provided by the candidate that includes information such as their preferred location, preferred salary, preferred working hours, their work experience, documents and certifications etc.

In the same way having all these information available in candidate’s profiles helps the employer in finding a suitable candidate. For an employer who is looking for a security guard in Noida, the website provides the list of guards available for that location. If an employer wants to search for guards with more than 5 years of experience, the website provides the same with just one click.

Guard Naukri  is transforming many lives by providing employment opportunities to those in need. Finding a job is no longer a herculean task.  Now register yourself by filling the form available on our website  and find your desired job.

How to easily find Security Guard jobs online

It has become difficult to find suitable Security guard jobs these days.  Even finding a job is like looking for water in the desert. Inflation is high and many international companies are cutting off their workforce. At this time of highly volatile environment, there is a company offering thousands of jobs in the security industry. Guard Naukri is a company that is providing the facility of online job search to those who are searching for Security Guard jobs. There has always been a great demand for quality manpower in security industry but finding a suitable job is really hard as there is no common place to find and compare the jobs.

Guard Naukri provides an online platform where you can find the job of your preference by comparing the different job providers. Our co-coordinator will be in touch with you and will help you in solving your concerns.

All you have to do is to register yourself on our website Guard Naukri. Once you are registered, your profile will be visible to many companies looking for security guards. Our coordinator will help you in finding the best job opportunity based on your preferences. Our services are available all over India. Many other websites provide online job portals like, but these websites were unable to provide jobs to less educated job seekers. is a website specially made for security guards. It is designed for everyone to have easy access to its services. Now finding a job is not a big deal for common people as Guard Naukri will help you in using the resources that are available to all without any complexities.

The company has started its operation from Delhi and we are providing Security Guard jobs in Delhi NCR. Now we have expanded our operations to other states as well. To know more about us call us on our helpline number 85869877101.

Hotel security guard job

Are you looking for a Hotel Security guard job?

Here is a good chance to become a hotel security guard. The hotels are taking large number of security guards all over India. Before it’s too late grab this opportunity. Register now at guard naukri.

Register yourself at our website guard naukri and apply for thousands of jobs available in the Security Sector. Now you will not have to visit companies in job search. You can easily get a Hotel Security guard job just by applying online on

Hospital Security guard job

Are you looking for a Hospital Security guard job?

Here is an opportunity to become a hospital security guard. The hospitals are hiring large number of security guards across India. Before it’s too late grab this opportunity. Register now at guard naukri.

Register yourself at guard naukri and apply for thousands of jobs available in the Security Sector. Now you will not have to visit companies in job search. You can easily get your dream job just by applying online on

Security guard job in Delhi NCR

Are you looking for Security Guard Jobs in Delhi Ncr? Well it is not easy to find a job at your preferred location. It requires a lot of time and money. You can always take help of Employment agencies but it will come with a cost. Guard naukri is a platform where you can register yourself online and get the job of your preference without much effort or spending money.

Just Visit and fill the Employment Form available on the Home Screen. We will provide you the best suitable job as per your preferences.

ATM Security guard job

Indian Banking sector is huge. Now ATMs are considered to be an important part of banking system. Large numbers of bank customers are dependent on ATMs for cash withdrawal.

Considering the amount of transaction carried out by ATMs everyday, it is hard to ignore the necessity of ATM Security.

There is huge demand for ATM Security guards and one can easily find a ATM Security guard job by registering on guard naukri.

Guard naukri is a platform that provides you the right Bank Security guard job as per your profile. And for this all you have to do is to register yourself at .

Bank Security guard job


Work as a security guard in Banks.

The Indian banking system consists of 27 public sector banks, 26 private sector banks, 46 foreign banks, 56 regional rural banks, 1,574 urban cooperative banks and 93,913 rural cooperative banks. With such huge market we have huge demand for resources.

This is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a career opportunity in Banking Industry. But Here is the catch, Making entry into these organization requires you to be prepared with a set of skills as demanded by the Banks.

Guard naukri is a platform that provides you the right Bank Security guard job as per your skills. And for this  all you have to do is to register yourself at .